Is popcorn gluten free?

Popcorn Question: Is popcorn gluten free?

Popcorn itself is gluten free, but that does not mean that the popcorn you get is gluten free. The popcorn may have been made and processed where wheat (aka gluten) was present or some of the flavoring or other products used to make the popcorn may contain gluten.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, we recommend that you check with the individual popcorn companies to make sure there is no gluten in the popcorn before you consume it. Of course, the label on the packaging is helpful too; if it actually states that it is gluten-free popcorn.

We called a couple of movie theaters in our neighborhood and asked if their movie popcorn was gluten free. They said yes, but when pressing them to commit, they were vague and said there was no guarantee, because of cross-contamination.

So all you people with gluten intolerance proceed with caution before eating popcorn.

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