Why does popcorn cost so much at the movies?

Popcorn Question: Why does popcorn cost so much at the movies?

You may think that popcorn is so expensive at the movie theaters, because it is so good and therefore expensive to make. Not true. Most movie theaters use butter substitutes and cheap ingredients to make popcorn. They also buy the popcorn in bulk and don't pay much for it. The bucket they serve it in probably costs them more than the popcorn in it...so why does popcorn cost so much at the movies?

First off, the cost of renting a space for a movie theater is very expensive. Second, the movie theaters do not make much on the actual movie tickets, because the majority of the money from your movie tickets goes to moviemakers and not the movie theater.

Thus, the only way a movie theater can make money is to sell food, drinks, and candy. As you can imagine, this is why you cannot bring your own food and drink to the movies. The movie theaters' income is dependent on you buying food and drinks. Since popcorn is very popular at the movie theater, they sell it at a high cost to cover their cost and to make a profit. Note that it's not only popcorn that is expensive at the movie theaters. Everything is expensive at the concession stand.

We find that most times we spend more money at the concession stand than we do at the ticket counter when we go the movies.

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