Fascinating Trivia

Trivia about Fascinating things

The little bumps on the surface of a table tennis paddle are called "pips."

According to a recent survey, 80 percent of British college students have never washed their own clothes.

According to a study by Niagara Spray Starch, 46 percent of men and 34 percent of women do their ironing while naked.

According to surveys, 17 percent of Americans sing in the shower.

According to surveys, three percent of Americans clean their pets by showering with them.

During World War II, twice as many fighter pilots were killed during training than combat.

Great Britain lost 60,000 soldiers on the very first day of World War I in 1914.

At any one time there are 1,800 thunderstorms taking place in the world.

At least 300,000 people have been killed by volcanoes in the last 500 years.

"Barf" means "snow" in the Persian language.

"Tonsurphobia" is the fear of haircuts.

A "coward" was originally a boy who took care of cows.

A popularly held belief is that soda water contains soda. It doesn't.

About 10,000 containers fall off cargo ships each year.

About 215 pairs of jeans can be made from a single bale of cotton.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the metal detector in 1881.

All of the following have been sold in vending machines: emu jerky, poached eggs, holy water, beetles and live shrimp.

Arguments in the home most often happen in the kitchen.

At one time, Tennessee was called Franklin.

Before 1859, baseball umpires sat behind home plate in rocking chairs.

Before American football players go onto the field, they put on about 13 pounds of protective clothing.

Chinese requires no punctuation.

Cleopatra married two of her brothers.

Clocks made before 1687 had only one hand

Coffee was first known in Europe as "Arabian Wine."

Collectors of dolls are called "plangonologists."

Compasses do not point to the North Pole. They point to magnetic north, far from the North Pole.

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