All kinds of Trivia about all kinds of things!

American Trivia
The average American makes 3.4 trips to the grocery store each week.

Animal Trivia
Dairy cows can produce 125 pounds of saliva a day.

Useless Trivia
Half the peanuts grown in America are used for peanut butter.

Fascinating Trivia
Compasses do not point to the North Pole. They point to magnetic north, far from the North Pole.

Kids Trivia App
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Celebrities Trivia
Shirley Temple received 135,000 presents for her eighth birthday.

Dog Trivia
Scientists insist that no dog has ever been bored.

Dolphin Trivia
Sea cucumbers are a popular delicacy among dolphins.

Human Trivia
The average human eye can distinguish about 500 different shades of gray.

Interesting Trivia
People who eat popcorn at the movies are three times more likely to cry in the movies than those who don't eat popcorn.

Random Trivia
The three cities with the highest percentage of counterfeit bills are Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Other Trivia
Budweiser beer is named after a town in Czechoslovakia.

Terrific Trivia
For all you trivia buffs and who knows one day you may be on Jeopardy!

Valentine's Day Trivia
About 110 million roses, most of them red, will be sold for Valentine's Day this year.

World Trivia
Every year in France there is a "Thieves Fair" where people are encouraged to try to steal things from the stalls.

Kids Trivia Questions
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