Animal Trivia

Trivia about Animals

A polar bear can eat 100 pounds of seal fat in one sitting.

A rat can tread water for three days straight.

A recent study revealed that one-third of cats enjoy watching television.

A sea polyp can change sexes at will.

Cats have three eyelids.

Dairy cows can produce 125 pounds of saliva a day.

Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible.

Dolphins jump out of the water to conserve energy. It is easier to move through air than water.

Earlier penguins were capable of flight.

Forty percent of dog and cat owners carry pictures of their pets in their wallets.

Rome has more homeless cats per square mile than any other city in the world.

Sharks will continue to attack even when disemboweled.

The approximate cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11 is $6,400.

The kittens in a cat's litter can each have a different father.

The pupils of goats are rectangular.

The sense of smell of sheepdogs is 44 times better than that of humans.

The smallest frog in the world is the Eleutherodactylus iberia. It measures a mere 3/8 of an inch.

The typical hen lays 19 dozen eggs a year.

There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people.

A jumbo jet weighs as much as 76 African elephants.

Armadillos can be housebroken.

It takes an average of 345 squirts to get a gallon of milk from a cow's udder.

Kiwis are the only birds that hunt by smell.

Ladybirds aren't birds they're beetles.

Ninety-eight percent of all animal species don't have a backbone.

Polecats aren't cats. They're nocturnal European weasels.

The mouse is the most common mammal in the United States.

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