Useless Trivia

Trivia about Useless things

Cucumbers aren't vegetables they're fruits.

Eighty-two percent of the workers on the Panama Canal suffered from malaria.

Half the peanuts grown in America are used for peanut butter.

Hallmark makes cards for 105 different familial relationships.

Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.

Houdini trained his dog to escape from a pair of miniature handcuffs.

If you are afraid you might die laughing, you are suffering from cherophobia.

In 1897, Bayer began selling heroin as a treatment for a variety of respiratory ailments.

In 75 percent of American households, women manage the money and pay the bills.

In circus parlance, a "Joey" is a clown with at least five years of experience.

In drug parlance, "Baby T," "Kokomo," "Beemers," "Hotcakes," and "Bad" are all slang for crack cocaine.

In Monopoly, the character that's behind bars is named Jake the Jailbird.

In the original "Halloween" movie, the mask used by Michael Myers was a Captain Kirk mask painted white.

It takes a ton of water to make a pound of refined sugar.

January is National Soup Month.

January is the deadliest month of the year in America, accounting for 9.4% of yearly deaths.

Just six percent of people say they keep a daily diary.

Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family.

Lots of fishermen use gummi worms as bait.

Men are four times more likely to sleep in the nude than women.

More than half of lottery jackpot winners go back to work after winning.

Ninety-five percent of the U.S. currency notes produced each year are used to replace bills already in circulation.

No one knows where Mozart is buried.

Obsessive nose-picking is referred to as "rhinotillexomania."

One cannot be given the Congressional Medal of Honor. No such thing. It's just the Medal of Honor.

One in four compulsive gamblers are women.

Only six percent of coupons printed are ever redeemed.

Our muscles can't push, they can only pull.

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