Human Trivia

Trivia about the Humans

A newborn baby breathes five times faster than an adult man.

A person weighing 150 pounds on Earth would weigh two tons on the sun.

A recent study found that one in 300 births in the U.S. occurs in a vehicle.

According to medical experts, babies dream in the womb.

Chest hair has no connection to virility.

During the course of a year, the average person walks four miles to make their bed.

Every 10 to 13 seconds someone gets divorced.

Every square inch of the human body has an average of 32 million bacteria on it.

Fifty-three percent of American women claim they will not leave the house without makeup on.

It only takes seven pounds of pressure to rip off a human ear.

It takes 20 human searchers to do the work of just one rescue dog.

On average, a person passes gas 14 times a day.

On average, we forget 80 percent of what we learn on any given day.

The average human eye can distinguish about 500 different shades of gray.

The average yawn lasts six seconds.

The typical person goes to the bathroom six times a day.

Men can read smaller print than women. Women can hear better.

The information on this page was forwarded to us via e-mail. We have no idea where the information came from or if the information is correct.
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