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Panama hats aren't made in Panama. They're made in Ecuador.

Parsley is the most widely used herb in the world.

People who eat popcorn at the movies are three times more likely to cry in the movies than those who don't eat popcorn. You may also be interested in: Why does popcorn cost so much at the movies?

Pintos and palominos are not breeds of horses, those names denote colors.

Plymouth Rock weighs 10 tons.

Popeye the Sailor, Olive Oyl and Wimpy were all based on real people.

Popeye was 5'6" tall.

Sixty-eight percent of teenage girls say if they could change just one part of their body, it would be their stomach.

Strawberries contain about 200 seeds each.

The "s" shaped opening in a violin is called the "f-hole."

The Amish never initiate lawsuits, and won't defend themselves against them. You may also be interested in: Why do Amish pull teeth?

The average bra is designed to last for 180 days of use.

The average marital affair lasts two to four years.

The average piano has 230 strings.

The bark of the redwood tree is fireproof. Fires in redwood forests take place inside the trees.

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

The correct version of the widely misused phrase "far from the maddening crowd" is actually "far from the madding crowd." Madding means "frenzied."

The first recorded car theft was in 1896, just 10 years after the introduction of the gas-powered engine.

The first VCR, made in 1956, was the size of a piano.

The game Simon Says was originally called Do This, Do That.

The heat of peppers is rated on the Scoville scale.

The highest known score for a single word in competition Scrabble is 392. In 1982, Dr. Saladin Khoshnaw achieved this score for the word "caziques," which means "Indian chief."

The job of timber cutter is the most dangerous occupation in America.

The largest rock concert ever was a performance by Rod Stewart on New Year's Eve in 1994. More than 3.5 million people took in the show.

The largest snowflake ever found was 15 x 8 inches. It was found on January 28, 1887, in Fort Keogh, Montana.

The odds of being killed by falling out of bed are one in two million.

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