Difference Between Espresso And Coffee

What is the Difference Between Espresso And Coffee?

What is the difference between espresso and coffee? Here we will look at espresso vs. coffee. There are many differences, but they are both coffee.

For starters, the beans used for espresso are ground a lot finer than the grind used for regular coffee.

While making coffee, you are most likely to simply let water drip through ground up coffee beans and delicious coffee comes out below. However, when making espresso, you force hot water through ground beans at a high speed using high pressure. Thus, the time to make espresso is a lot faster.

Espresso is a lot stronger and has a lot more taste and caffeine compared to coffee. See espresso as concentrated coffee and regular coffee as watered down coffee. For this reason, the cups and portions of espresso are a lot smaller compared to regular coffee.

Because of the strong taste, you must really like the taste of coffee to enjoy espresso without any flavor. Because of the concentration of taste and caffeine, espresso is also great for making other drinks such as a Mocha.

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