Difference between Jam and Jelly

What is the Difference between Jam and Jelly?

What is the difference between jam and jelly? Here we will look at jam vs. jelly. My grandmother still makes jam every berry season, and she says she would not consider making jelly. She says berries on bread should be lumpy and thick, aka jam. Jelly on the other hand is thin and spread on like butter. My grandmother is not a fan of jelly, but she explained the difference between jam and jelly, which you can read below:

To get started making jam or jelly, you first crush the berries, and then drain the liquid. Then you can use the left over crushed berries to make jam, and you use the drained liquid to make jelly. Then, you take either one and boil it and add sugar, and voila you have jam and jelly.

Since jam is made from the chunks of crushed berries, it is lumpy and keeps more of the vitamins and good stuff in fruit. It also tastes better.

Jelly is made from the liquid, and is therefore very thin and easy for spreading on bread. It is pretty good, but it aint no jam.

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