Information about the Zodiac sign Gemini

First of all, to be a Gemini, you must be born on or between the following two dates: May 21 and June 20. To get the rest of the formalities out of the way, you should know that as a Gemini, your Celestial Longitude range is from 60 to 90 degrees. Furthermore, Gemini is Latin and if you translate it into English, it means The Twins.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini people. That means you are good with money. You are good at dealing and making good business decisions. You know your numbers and you should be in business. You can use your imagination to start your own business. You know how to make money. Gemini has a positive polarity which means you are self-expressive. Gemini's Element is Air, which means you are great at communication and conceptualization.

Olga loves the energy, imagination, and wit her brother Anton has. However, Olga has also see the other side of Anton, which is common of many Geminis. Geminis can be devious and superficial. Olga feels that Anton and many other Geminis have two or more personalities.

Who is Gemini compatible with? Gemini is compatible with Libra and Aquarius, but if you are a Gemini and you are looking for love and marriage, then look for a Sagittarius.

What is Gemini's lucky number? According to Olga's observations, Gemini has the following lucky numbers 8, 23, and 28.

List of famous people that are born under the Gemini sign: As you know, Olga has spent her life studying people and made many of her conclusions based on how people from different signs behave and what these same people have done with their lives and what they have accomplished. Reading and learning about famous people that are born under the sign Gemini will give you a better idea of what Gemini people are like. Here is a list of famous Gemini: Bob Dylan, Bob Hope, Clint Eastwood, Colin Farrell, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Ian Fleming, Joe Montana, President John F. Kennedy, John Wayne, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Wahlberg, Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, Newt Gingrich, Paul McCartney, and Prince.

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