Information about the Zodiac sign Libra

First of all, to be a Libra, you must be born on or between the following two dates: September 23 and October 22. To get the rest of the formalities out of the way, you should know that as a Libra, your Celestial Longitude range is from 180 to 210 degrees. Furthermore, Libra is Latin and if you translate it into English, it means The Scales.

Venus is the ruler of Libra people. That means you are very affectionate, sensuous, and passionate about life. You are not only passionate about your loved ones, but also other aspects of your life, such as your job, your hobbies, and so on.

Libra has a positive polarity which means you are self-expressive. Libra's Element is Air, which means you are great at communication and conceptualization.

Libra is Olga's favorite sign. Olga says they are graceful and peaceful. You always have an open invitation into a Libra's home. They are reliable, loyal, and good friends. Libra is a little secretive and suspicious, but don't take that as a bad sign. They are simply careful and not na´ve.

Who is Libra compatible with? Libra is compatible with Gemini and Aquarius, but if you are an Libra and you are looking for love and marriage, then look for an Aries.

What is Libra 's lucky number? According to Olga's observations, Libra has the following lucky numbers 8, 25, and 26.

List of famous people that are born under the Libra sign: As you know, Olga has spent her life studying people and made many of her conclusions based on how people from different signs behave and what these same people have done with their lives and what they have accomplished. Reading and learning about famous people that are born under the sign Libra will give you a better idea of what Libra people are like. Here is a list of famous Libra: Alfred Nobel, Charlton Heston, Christopher Reeve, President Jimmy Carter, Julie Andrews, John Lennon, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Crichton, Michael Douglas, Mickey Mantle, Oscar Wilde, and Sigourney Weaver.

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