Lola's Adventures

How could Lola’s life go better? Her runaway imagination takes her on wild adventures through jungles or across prairies. Lola’s mind is just as good as going on vacation to anywhere her imagination goes.

To Hawaii

“Honey, you know the answer. NO,” Mommy said, in a frustrated voice.
“But I wanna go,” I answered, determined to get my way.
“Well, you’re not going to get your way this time Lola,” Mommy replied. She was cooking up some gross looking grub.
I frowned. Mommy had learned my way. Determined. I don’t know what that means though.
“Then I’ll go on me own!” I shrieked, and pounded upstairs in my muddy boots.
“How many times have I told you NOT to wear muddy boots in the house?” yelled Mommy.
I flopped down on my bed, not caring about my muddy boots. That’s when I went to Hawaii.

“Wow this place is awesome!” I yelled.
I brought my luggage to my hotel room in Maui, with a great view of the
Ocean. Then I got hungry. I went down to the bar of the hotel and eyed some yummy Oreos. I licked my lips. Then I remembered I was on vacation! So I paid the man 5 dollars and got a bag of chips, 5 water bottles, and a pack of Oreos. I went to my room, and ate my chips, one Oreo, and a water bottle. I decided to go to the pool.
“Hi!” I said to a girl about my age, which is 5.
“Hi! I’m 5, and called Alison. What’s yours? How old are you? Where is your mommy? Wanna go to the ocean?”
“I’m Lola at age 5 with me mommy not in Hawaii, and yes I would like to go to the ocean,” I said all at once.
I could tell Alison was my type of girl. She was talkative, and made friends easy.
“Call me Ali,” Alison said.
“Ok,” I answered.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the ocean. We splashed in the waves for a while, and then Ali had an idea.
“Let’s play fetch. You wanna be the doggy?” Ali asked.
I dropped down.
“Woof!” I said.
She smiled and threw a funny looking stick in the water. I barked and ran after it, galloping into the ocean in my bathing suit.
“Eww! Look at this!” Ali said, showing me a gross thing she found on the beach, after I had swam to shore.
“Eww!” I replied, sticking my tongue out.
”Lets use it to play fetch!” Ali said.
“Gross! Then you’re the dog,” I answered, taking the thing.
“Fine,” Ali agreed.

I threw it far into the ocean. Ali swam in. She wasn’t back for at least 30 seconds, and I knew I better go and help her. I swam into the deep, blue ocean.
I found Ali, lying on the ocean floor. I swam down super fast, and rised her and me to the surface.
When we reached the shore, Ali threw up a fish and a whole bunch of water. She coughed.
“Are you ok? I am so sorry!” I cried.
Ali’s mom came up to her daughter.
“My baby!” she cried, hugging Ali.
I stood in the background, watching from a distance.
“It’s not your fault…(cough)…Lola. I was the one…that suggested we play.”
“But I said yes,” I sobbed, feeling really sorry for what I’d done.
That night, I slept fairly well, and woke up, abruptly.
But I wasn’t in Maui.
“Must have fallen asleep on the plane,” I thought.
“We didn’t go to Hawaii,” Mommy replied.
“But I feel so sorry for Ali!”
“You WANT to go to Hawaii. And who is Ali?”
“But I know we went to Hawaii!” I yelled back.
“It was all a dream. Get over it, ok hon?”
But it wasn’t a dream. I knew it happened! I was so glad Ali was ok, and in a dream, why would you feel sorry for someone you don’t know?
So that’s when I started to write letters to Ali.

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