I am Bored

I am Bored you say? Then check this out!

No need to say "I am bored" anymore. Check out all these great things that will make you laugh and cry.. This is your cure for being bored.

Engage your brain in some riddles to stop being bored.

Funny Jokes
You can't be bored if you are laughing. Read some funny jokes.

Instead of being bored, spend endless hours becoming a Tic Tac Toe champion.

Fill your brain with useful trivia instead of being bored. It will make you stop saying "I am bored"

Questions & Answers
Maybe your are bored because your brain does not have enough information. Check your knowledge here!

World information
Instead of being bored, learn about the world. Maybe you can visit some of these places.. It should stop you from saying, I am bored.

Bad Pick Up Lines
Well, this may actually make you even more bored because you will be very lonely!

Why go to Church
If you are bored, go to church. No one says "I am bored" in church!

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