Why does popcorn smell so bad?

Popcorn Question: Why does popcorn smell so bad?

You are sitting in your cubicle when you see Mr. Orville in the next cubicle taking out his daily snack and bringing it over to the microwave in the lunchroom. You know what comes next! The whole office will stink from the burnt popcorn. So, why does popcorn smell so bad you ask?

It is not all popcorn that smells bad. It is the microwave popcorn that smells.
Burnt microwave popcorn can easily make your whole house or office stink. The microwave popcorn includes chemicals and fake flavoring that simply stinks if it is burnt. Many say that microwave popcorn is really bad for you and it does smell bad, so you should probably stay away from it anyway.

Tons of good information about popcorn. Many interesting facts for popcorn lovers.

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