Learn about the past!

Why did Titanic sink?
You have seen the movie, but do you know the history behind why Titanic sank.

Who built the Statue of Liberty?
Learn the history of who built the Statue of Liberty

Who built Mount Rushmore?
Learn the history of who built Mount Rushmore.

Who built The Taj Mahal?
Learn the history of who built The Taj Mahal.

What Year App
How well do you know your history? The "What Year?" app asks what year different events happened throughout history. Test your knowledge! (iPad IOS App)

Who built the
Great Wall of China?

Learn the history of who built the Great Wall of China.

Why is it called Indian summer?
This short history lesson will tell you why it is called Indian summer.

United States Presidents
Learn American history through the lives of the past United States Presidents.

Presidential Elections
Reading about United States Presidential elections is a great way of learning American History.

Who fought in the War of 1812?
Do you know who fought in the War of 1812?

Amish History
Short Amish history lesson

Comments from 1955
Interesting comments from 1955.

San Francisco 1940
Pictures and information from San Francisco in 1940.

The Year 1910
Here are some statistics for the Year 1910. What a difference a century makes!

Aircrafts Stats WWII
Aircraft facts and insight from World War II. Great history lesson.

B-17 A Tough Old Bird
B-17 - What a plane. What an incredible story - what an incredible airplane!

Eugene Ely
100 Years Ago, January, in San Francisco , when Eugene Ely invented naval aviation.

Pacific City History
Progress is slower today than it was a hundred years ago. Pacific City has a long history and a bright future.

Oregon Coast History
Exploring the Oregon Coast Past - History buffs will enjoy all the historical sites along the Oregon Coast.

Good Old Days
Stories and Pictures from
the good old days..

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