Information about different games

Instead of being bored, spend endless hours becoming a Tic Tac Toe champion.

How to Win at Monopoly
This is how you win the game Monopoly.

Poker Hands
Poker Hands: Tons of good Poker Hands Information.

Math 24 Game
Questions and Answers to all Math 24 Games.

Kids Trivia App
The Kids Trivia app asks a lot of different questions about things in many categories. Find out what you know, learn something new, and have fun with the Kids Trivia app! (iPad IOS App)

Board Games List
List: Board Games List.

Chess Information
Chess is a great game for your mind. Learn all about chess here!

Mix and Match Two App
This App will mix up sketches of famous and not so famous people. There are two sketches of each person. It is your job to match the same sketches together. (iPad IOS App)

Winning Numbers Game App
The Winning Numbers Game will mix up eight numbers in random order. Can you put the numbers back in the correct order and win the game? (iPad IOS App)

King Nim Game App
The King Nim Game is a number strategy game for all ages. King Nim and the player take turns counting one or two numbers. Whoever gets to pick 21 in the end is the winner. The game encourages thinking, strategy, and reasoning. (iPad IOS App)

Presidents Game App
The game is pretty easy to learn, but may take you a long time to finish.The goal is to get through all 44 Presidents correctly so you can get the congratulations from Obama.
(iPhone IOS App - also works with iPad)

Cupcakes Games
Eat as many cupcakes as you want, but don't get stuck having to eat the last cupcake! It sounds easy enough, but this game is harder than it looks. Use logic and math skills to win this game. (Web App PC & Mac)

How many dots on a die?

Do Not Press The Red Button

Flip A Coin
Here is Research Maniacs' 'Flip A Coin' page

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