iPad FAQ

Questions and Answers about the iPad.

Hello all proud iPad owners. We have collected many of the most common questions you may have about your iPad and we have answered them in an easy and understandable way. We hope we make your iPad life even easier with these iPad FAQs. Have fun with your iPad.

Preview Link on iPad
How to see a webpage address before clicking on a link on an iPad.

Make Folder on iPad
How to make a folder on the iPad.

Delete App on iPad
How to delete an App or Icon on an iPad.

Password Protect iPad
How to password protect your iPad.

Search iPad
How to search your iPad.

Search Specific
Webpage on iPad

How to search a specific webpage on an iPad.

New Tab on iPad
How to open a webpage in a new tab in Safari on an iPad.

Transfer pictures
from iPad to Computer

How to transfer pictures from iPad to Computer

Email multiple
pictures on iPad

How to email multiple pictures from your iPad

Copy Paste on iPad
How to copy/paste on an iPad

Reply to email on iPad
How to reply to email on an iPad

Forward email on iPad
How to forward an email on an iPad.

Delete email on iPad
How to delete an email on an iPad.

Write Email on Ipad
How to write an email on an iPad.

Mailboxes on iPad
How to see mailboxes on your iPad.

Retrieve email on iPad
How do I retrieve email on an iPad.

Take iPad Screenshot
How to take a picture of your iPad screen.

Screen not rotating on iPad
Why doesn't my iPad screen rotate?

Only eBook on iPad?
Does iPad only support eBook?

Type only uppercase letter
on an iPad

How to type all uppercase or capital letters on an iPad.

Flash on iPad
How to get Flash to work on my iPad.

Email URL from iPad
How do I email a webpage link (URL) from an iPad?

Bookmark on an iPad
How do I make a bookmark on an iPad?

Make link on iPad homescreen
How to make a link on your iPad Home Screen.

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