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All kinds of helpful calculators

The newest calculators from Research Maniacs:

Buy One Get One Half Off Calculator
Calculate the total price for your two items on sale.

Ratio Calculator
Make one ratio into a different ratio with the same proportions.

Rounding Decimals
Enter a number and choose how many decimals you want it rounded to!

How many calories should I eat?
Use this calculator to find out how many calories you should eat per day.

Percentage Calculator
Learn and Calculate percentages here!

Bowl per hour or per game?
Calculate if you should pay to bowl per game or per hour?

Auto Loan Calculator
Calculate auto loan payments. Maybe it is better to pay cash?

Fuel Economy Calculator
Calculate your total gas cost per year based on Miles per Gallon (MPG), Gas price, and how many miles you drive.

Calculate Tire Diameter
Calculate how big your tires are based on the number printed on them

Miles and mph
to Time Calculator

How long it will take to drive to your destination? Find out here!

How Many Days until ..
Calculate how many days until all kinds of different events and holidays.

How many days until calculator
Calculate how many days until any date in the future

How Many Days Old am I
Not years - but how many days are you? Find out how many days old you are.

How Many Days Until My Birthday
How long until you will get cake and presents. We can calculate how many days until your birthday.

Tip Calculator
Tip Calculator. Find out how much to tip for different services and calculate tip.

Sales Tax Calculator
Use our Sales Tax Calculator to calculate sales tax in your state.

VAT Calculator
Enter an amount to see what it will cost with VAT.

Mortgage Calculator
Time to refinance your home? Calculate your monthly payments based on interest rate and life of loan.

Percentage Calculator
Go here if you are looking for the best free online percentage calculator.

Trending Calculators
from Research Maniacs:

PMI Calculator
Check out our useful Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Calculator for PMI estimates.

Yearly to Hourly Salary Calculator
Go here to convert yearly salary to hourly salary.

Popular Math Calculators

Absolute Value Calculator
Find the absolute value of any positive or negative number.

Convert Metric
Convert anything to anything - Tells you how to calculate or convert anything to anything. Miles, acres, centimeters, and many others.

Feet and Inches Calculator
This calculator will add, subtract, multiply and divide feet and inches.

Future Value Calculator
Go here to calculate future value of any present value.

Least Common Multiple Calculator
Enter any two numbers to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM)

Percent Off Calculator
Go here to take a percent discount off any amount to get the final sales price.

Pi Calculator
Go here to look up a numbers with our Pi Calculator.

Present Value Calculator
Go here to calculate present value of any future value.

Prime Factor Calculator
Find all the prime factors of any number.

Prime Factorization Calculator
Prime Factorization of any number

Sum of Integers Calculator
The Sum of Integers Calculator adds up all the numbers from 1 to any number of your choice.

X times X Calculator
Here is our popular X times X Calculator.

Water Consumption per toilet flush
Calculate how much water you use to flush the toilet every year.

Weight on Moon
Because of less gravitiy, you will way less on the moon. Calculate how much you weigh on the moon here.

Sobriety Calculator
Keep track of how long I have been sober.

How many can I follow on Twitter?
Use this calculator to find out how many you can follow on Twitter before Twitter prevents you from following more people.

What is my GPA?
Are you a student? Use this calculator to calculate your GPA.

Con Sin Tan Calculators

Cos Calculator

Sin Calculator

Tan Calculator


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