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The lastest Technology information from Research Maniacs:

Fix iCloud Numbers and Pages not syncing
Here is how to sync your Pages documents and Numbers spreadsheets on the iCloud Drive.

Transfer Pictures and Videos from iPhone to Mac
How to transfer pictures and videos from iPhone or iPad to iMac or Macbook.

What Will Ad Blockers Do To The Internet?
Here are some possible future consequences that could happen as more end users block ads to view free sites.

How to make Google the default search engine in Microsoft Edge
Learn how to make Google the default search engine in Microsoft Edge.

Cookie Consent
How to get cookie consent in compliance with European Law.

Should I get a new or old domain extension?
Should you get a traditional domain extension, such as .com? Or should you use one of the new ones, like .business or .coffee?

How many can I follow on Twitter?
What is the limit on how many I can follow on Twitter? Use our Twitter Follower calculator.

More information
from Research Maniacs:

IOS App Help
Some useful IOS Apps articles for Xcode developers.

Publish eBook on Amazon
How to publish your ebook on Amazon's Kindle Store

Search iBookstore
Find books in iBookstore without using iTunes.

How to make blogspot look like a webpage
Make your blogspot page on look like a webpage.

How to get free HDTV
Step-by-step instructions on how to get free HDTV.

iPad FAQ and Help
Helpful hints and tips for your iPad.

How to take a screenshot
See how to take a screenshot on your other computers or devices here.

HTML ASCII Code Lookup
Go here to get ASCII HTML code information.

Convert HEX to RBG
Use this tool to convert HEX to RBG. Insert HEX and get RBG values here.

Convert RBG to HEX
Use this tool to convert RBG to HEX. Insert RBG values and get HEX numbers here.


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